Dawn is an experienced speaker on a wide range of topics, essentially anywhere that human beings and work interact, but there are a few areas that are particularly close to her heart….

Leadership Success

Leadership is not a job title; truly effective leadership takes much more than seniority or individual talent.  Dawn works with leaders at every level to make sure they are the best they can be.  In order to achieve lasting, and effective, results for your organisation, you must be a leader that inspires, supports, challenges and engages your employees.  Intelligence, confidence and being good at your job are not guaranteed to make you a successful leader, there are a range of other skills required to lead successfully.    Learning the vital tools and methods to lead individuals, teams and organisations to the highest level will be the smartest investment you ever make.  

Conflict Management

Conflict is necessary. Yes, it’s true.  Despite what you might think, good conflict can be productive in a work environment; but the wrong kind of conflict can have a powerfully negative impact.  Not dealing with conflict, or dealing with it in the wrong way can affect productivity, teamwork and even overall company performance.  This is a common outcome as many organisations do not help their people to have the difficult conversations that can make the difference between success and failure.

Productive Diversity

The UAE’s position, both globally and regionally, has made it one of the most diverse countries in the world.  People from all nations, religions, education and cultures have come here to make their mark (or fortune!) in a modern-day (less European) version of the gold-rush American dream.  Many business people see this type of diversity as a complication that must be overcome; when in fact it is an asset that should be embraced.  When managed properly, diversity can lead to better decision-making, but only when people speak up, in the right way.  The rich diversity of the UAE’s workforce offers unique opportunities for growth, innovation and creativity and, if managed correctly, can produce unprecedented levels of performance.    

Effective Teamwork

The old saying, ‘two heads are better than one’ might be a cliché, but it also happens to perfectly sum up why teams, and particularly effective teams, can be crucial to business success.  Not only do teams produce more creative ideas and innovative solutions, they produce the most effective results.  Dawn draws on research conducted by Google in Project Aristotle to help individuals understand that only by speaking up can they be truly productive.  Finding the best route to collaborative and effective teamwork isn’t always easy, especially in such a diverse region, but it starts with communicating; in the right way, about the right issues.  

Making it Stick

Everyone will be able to recall sessions that they have attended in the past, but how many of them imparted lessons that stayed with you and supported you in moving from novice to expert?  Dawn’s work, including her HardTalk programme, has been specifically designed, to not only be absorbed effectively, but also to produce lasting behavioural changes.  That way you don’t waste what you learn and you actually get a great ROI on your training investment.