What I Do

I work closely with senior managers, high potentials and teams through a mixture of tailored coaching, mentoring and leadership development programmes, as well as facilitated retreats and soft skills training.  I utilise my experience working across cultures, and within the diverse workplaces of the Middle East, to facilitate the most effective forms of communication to produce lasting business success. Over the years I have worked with a broad range of clients including multinational and local banks, insurance companies, the big 4, healthcare, oil and gas, construction and various pharmaceuticals.

I founded PDSi (formally Performance Development Services) in order to help people navigate the diverse nature of the workplace and foster successful professional relationships with colleagues and clients.  I recently launched HardTalk, an innovative new training programme that focuses on combatting common communication stumbling blocks in diverse workplaces. 

I have been an acclaimed public speaker for many years and have worked with diverse groups on a range of topics.  My expertise allows me to tailor my presentations to the needs of the organisation or audience, whilst providing relevant references that improve message retention and individual engagement.  I often use my active social media presence to connect with groups before hand, either to share appropriate materials to enhance their experience or to achieve further insights into their objectives for the session.  This also allows me to offer a relaxed avenue for continued discussions and questions. 


I speak on topics concerned with leadership, communication and people in the workplace. Some keynotes I have delivered in the past include:

·         Embracing conflict - how to take the inevitable and make it work for you
-        Getting the best from the diverse workplaces of the Middle East
·         Being heard and hearing others - the key to personal and organisational success
·         Working effectively across cultures
·         Strategy isn’t hard - it’s the execution that’ll get you every time
·         The most underrated business skill out there? Listening
·         Leadership isn’t a job title but it is hard work
-         Stop the stagnation - how to make meetings more interesting and effective
-         How to build effective teams that get results

Dawn is a member of the London Speaker Bureau and the MENA Speakers Bureau

In the last year Dawn has spoken at, and chaired many public events including:
-  CFO Strategies Forum MENA
-  London Business School
-  Middle East Investment Conference
-  Global Women in Leadership Conference
-  HR Summit and Expo as well as chairing the Human Capital Forum MENA
-  Facilitator at the Hopscotch Careers Conference
-  Key note speaker at the Lebanon HR Summit
-  MC and Moderator for the Nokia MEA Sale Conference
-  Chair of the Strategy, Execution and Innovation Forum.