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Does culture make a difference to our ability to have HardTalk effectively?
Respect is important to everybody. HardTalk allows you to speak up respectfully.
Starting your HardTalk with Truths and only then, if necessary, sharing your Potential will lead to more effective conversations
Descending the ladder to action can help us have more effective HardTalk
We need fear but we need to be afraid of the right things and in the right way.
We interpret what we see and hear very quickly. This can lead to ineffective HardTalk
The first fews minutes of any HardTalk are crucial so how can you start well?
Influencing others is Hard but it is possible. Speaking alone is rarely the way to do it.

We need leaders at all levels of an organisation - not just the top.

Discussing work-life balance with your boss is an oft-quoted example of a HardTalk - what are the steps?
How can a video game help you get better at HardTalk?
HardTalk is about hearing as well as being heard. We need to listen if we want to understand and change behaviour.
How does diversity impact HardTalk?
Although often feared, conflict is needed if we are to get great results.
How does culture impact our ability to have HardTalk?
Learn what it takes to be really successful at HardTalk from the founder of the programme and author of the HardTalk HandBook.