"He must be great at his job" - 11 ways to make sure people say this about you

But, hey, life isn't a popularity contest so here's 11 ways to be sure you are unlikable and therefore make sure no-one will ever say you got to the top because people like you.

1) Don't care
Most of us have to work at being likeable but research shows that if you simple don't care there is no way you will ever force people to like you. You are busy working and responsible for tangible business results and not popularity right? Why should you spend time building positive personal relationships?

2) Don't like other people
The most important thing you can do to be more likeable is to like more people. Even someone who doesn't seem to be "your sort" will have at least one thing that you like or find interesting. So to be sure to be unlikable, make sure not to spend any time asking questions or getting to know new people on a personal level.

3) Try to fool people
When you do decide you want someone to like you then lay on the over the top charm - they will probably forget about the countless times you've ignored them in the past. Keep pretending since the world is such a big place right? They are unlikely to know anyone you do; so how will they ever find out you are faking it and this isn't the real you?

4) Focus on what you need
If you keep an eye on you prize, why would you ever spend time helping others? What will happen to your goals? You're not obliged to help others, even if in the long run this will make it easier for you to get where you want to be.

5) Never praise
Everyone has something about them that you can like or find impressive but it's not your job to stroke their ego. Make sure to keep your “good job” comments to yourself and, if you must say something, be sure it’s critical and not positive.

6) Stay in the background
It doesn't matter how lovely you are if no-one gets to speak with you. Stay locked in your office or department and never see colleagues socially - they can't like you if you avoid them!

7) Show no interest
Nobody is so boring that it is impossible to find something interesting about them. However if you avoid asking them any questions or listening to them speak, there's no way you can pretend they are.

8) Be negative
If you want to hated or at least disliked, spend your day complaining and being negative. Unbridled pessimism and whinging about your bad day/week/year is best shared, right?

9) Gossip and backbite
Focus on making others look bad. It almost always comes back to you and is a very effective way of making sure you are unpopular.

10) Forget names
People hate it when you don't remember their names because it shows a lack of interest in who they are or what they’re doing. Make sure you never remember the name of the person you're speaking to - it'll show them how important you are and unimportant they are to you.

11) Never smile
If you smile often, you appear as a friendly, outgoing, and light hearted person. In other words, you're more likeable so avoid this at all costs. It may be helpful to think of something that irritates you to be sure your face never cracks a smile.