Want To Be A Better Manager? Sweat The Small Stuff

We’ve mastered the art of knowing what’s a big enough issue to require our time and energy, and what we can simply overlook in order not to be weighed down. We’ve read countless articles advising us to focus on the bigger picture, keep our eyes on the prize, and enter into the long game. By focusing on our long-term objectives, we hope to define the path that will help us reach them.....

Managing The Matrix: The Secret to Surviving and Thriving in Your Organization

This book focuses on how to assess and manage your professional relationships in order to succeed, particularly in the complex and diverse workplaces of the UAE and wider Middle East region.  The engaging ‘fable’ narrative style in which the book is written makes it stand out and ensures that the skills are more easily absorbed by the reader.  With successful business leader fans such as Ziad Makhzoumi, the former CEO of Arabtec and current CEO of Prime Strategy, and Farah Fostouk from Lazard, it is a must read for those looking for the secret to progression.  The book is available in English and Arabic via Jarir Bookstore www.jarir.com/sa-en/jarir-publication-426258.html   

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Public Speaking – Q & A Sessions

Almost everyone dreads Q&A, although they should be the most interesting and productive part of any speaking event – speakers are often worried that they’ll be put on the spot and unable to answer and listeners don’t want to be subjected to long, boring diatribes by audience members who are riding a particular hobby horse. If you’re the facilitator or moderator here are a few ways you can be sure to annoy everyone in the room at once.

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Speak whenever you can - it's important for others to see you up there.

I was very proud to be asked to be the Chair of the recent Human Capital Forum and even more so when I realised I was the first woman to do it. This shouldn’t be something that is surprising in 2016 but, of course, it is: there's even a Tumblr called Congrats you have an all-male panel. And, according to the Independent, it even has a name - a manel.

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13 ways to ruin your reputation

Whilst some people make big mistakes that destroy their reputation in one go, the majority of us put our reputation at risk through a series of smaller mistakes and choices. It is true that without great performance and results nobody is going to rise through the ranks (or even keep their job) but the impression we create is important too.

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